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Friday, May 21, 2010

Share your superb craft works on Flickr

Share your superb craft works on Flickr and being featured on Craftzone MY's website. Here are some tips on the how to share your images with Craftzone MY Flickr Group.

Step One: Join Flickr
It is free to join Flickr, and once you have joined, you can share your favourite photos with your family, friends and the world. You'll need a Yahoo ID.
Join Flickr »

Step Two: Join the 'Craftzone MY' group
We run a group in Flickr. You're invited to join. Any photos you submit to the group may be seen on this site. People can comment, too!
Join 'Craftzone MY' Flickr Group »

Step Three: Upload Your Photos
Uploading your photos to Flickr is easy — the site explains how once you have joined.

Step Four: Submit Your Photos To The Craftzone MY Group
Open your photo page. Click the button marked Send To Group. Choose Craftzone MY. It's done!

You can submit as many image as you like to the group, but please add your best ones! Thank you for sharing with us today and we look forward to see many more of your superb craft works in our group!


Anasfadilah said...

love thiss!sure join nanti

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

dah join ... harap gambar yg disumbang tak menyampah .. hehe


Misa said...

balik ni nak kene pegang kamera la.. amik gambar hasil tangan terbaru.. baru fresh nak letak!

i like it!

Unknown said...

terus godek2 hasil craft lama :P hihi.. skrg sgt busy smpai tak sempat nak berkraftangan.. wuu.. jeles tingok u ol sume active :'(

juzbetty said...

pls let me join. I don't have a follower. huhu...
Pls visit: http://juzbetty.blogspot.com and give me your support. thanks.


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