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Thursday, November 5, 2009

FREE Giveaways - Nov 2009

  1. MsCraft Shoppe, until 11 November 2009
  2. Felt Wishes, until 22 November 2009
  3. Miezcraftshop, until 30 November 2009
  4. My craft, until 15 November 2009
  5. Pink Frog Collection, until 3 December 2009
  6. Sweet Wannur, until 20 December 2009
  7. Customized Felt Tshirt, until 15 December 2009
  8. Crafty Heart, until 2 December 2009
  9. LynnCraft, until 20 December 2009
  10. Sweet Treat Giveaway, until 25 December 2009

  1. Contest Design Label "Jarum Sutera" by Dunia Musliha, until 24 November 2009
  2. Crafty-Affairs.Com, until 30 November 2009

* Note: This list will be updated from time to time. Let me know if you are hosting any free giveaway this month.


tiongTiong coming... said...

kak, sy ad awat giveaway..tlg post kn di sini ea..tq


minamisensei said...

my give away..


Mrs. Fedex said...

Mus ada buat contest..

Hani said...

Maya.. i ada buat tshirt giveaway until 15 december... hope to joint this list. TQ

Sabrina Yap said...

Please add my craft shop http://lilstarstudio.blogspot.com/ thank you.

phatelara said...

Hi, just started a simple giveaway. Please add it to your list. Thanks! :) http://www.crafty-heart.com/2009/11/giveaway-two-novels.html

littlestore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
littlestore said...

Hi, i ada buat giveaway sampai 20 dec. Hope leh join the list. TQ

Sham said...

hi kindly add my blog into your list http://cenderahatirotan.blogspot.com/

purely handmade of rattan product i.e baby basket. nappy basket. laundry basket etc.

Ciyou said...

Hi there,

I have a christmas giveaway at

until 13th dec

sheela said...

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