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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CraftZone MY Market 2010

CraftZone MY Market 2010

CraftZone Malaysia is organising a craft market for independent Malaysian crafters this coming April, in conjunction with Craftzone Malaysia's First Anniversary. The inaugural event will mark a big move for CraftZone Malaysia as we strive towards bringing the local crafts to the masses. This is a golden opportunity for you to showcase your work and perhaps generate some sales.

For the first market, we will only be offering 10 booths. All products must be handmade and not mass produced. Please email your name and product details to
Zura at craftzone.my@gmail.com.

Registration is on first come first serve basis.

Date and place (Klang Valley) will be determined and announced later.


The full committee for Craftzone MY Market 2010 event is as follows :

1. Registration / Crafters - Zura
2. Online - Maya
3. Venue - Zila & Anne
4. Promotion - Misa
5. Payment / Finance - Tinihani
6. Equipment - Sheila

Thank you for your help in making this event a success!


d u r a said...

wow this is great! congratulations CraftZone Malaysia.

My Botang said...

how wonderful..wished i could join!! Anything i can do to help from Japan??

Maya said...

hi dura & sue,

thank you so much for your support. and yes.. a free advertisement at your website is highly appreciated. :D hehe

kella said...

Congrats craftzone. This is a big step to crafters community in Malaysia :). I want to help, i'll email u my details later.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is surely a great news for year 2010!

Bravo to craftzone as well as creative members out there!


Anonymous said...

I would love to join.I'll send the details.To Maya: congrats & thanks.This is a huge appreciation to all MY crafters.

SekociNorlie said...

kena bayar tak untuk gerai itu?

Zann said...

Wow...congrats maya and team..a great appreciations to all crafters..

shambie adzhan said...

wow sangat menarik! I would love to join :) is it still available,the booths?

Zura said...

Thank you for your support ladies! please send an email to craftzone.my@gmail.com so that I can confirm your interest and send out the info. looking forward to a blast at the event! :)


Liz Othman said...

Congrats Craftzone.. LizOthman surely be there.


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