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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Giveaway - April 2011

  1. Kraf Malinja
  2. Sewing And Me
  3. eyeARTyou
  4. e.L.e DeSiGn
  5. SWEETm@nis
  7. doodledesign

* Note: This list will be updated from time to time. Feel free to leave your giveaway entry URL (full URL please) with the closing date in the comment box if you are hosting any free giveaway.


Kraf Malinja said...

Kraf Malinja

GA url:

*until 7 May 2011

|:~AidA~:| said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
|:~AidA~:| said...

Sewind and Me GA

GA url : http://sewingandme.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-1st-give-away-kesyukuran-sempena.html

until 10 Mei 2011

Anonymous said...

salam kak, im hosting a GA and the due is 16th of May 2011.

so come and take a look at it ya?

btw ive linked u, as im from nadzmade, but due to some problems to mail the url have been changed. change the link ya?


thx a bunch kak,

Princess Closet said...

Hello ladies, hosting my first giveaway all the way from 'here' , do drop by :)


oo-mis craft shop said...

i'm hosting a Giveaway. my first Giveaway actually. feel free to visit here;


tqvm ^_____^

Unknown said...

1st Giveaway by RedRidingBow

Closing Date: June 9, 2011

url :

Anonymous said...

salam, the due date of the giveaway has been exted to 1 july 2011 as on 16 may ill be having my intern. thx ya kak ;0

suhaila said...

2nd Giveaway Dari Hsue Craft...Let's join :

Due Date : 15 June 2011

azima said...

azimaDIYshop sekarang mengadakan : Giveaway! Baju RAYA


Due Date : 30 JUN 2011

Unknown said...

Mas cut n made first giveaway..


Nur said...

Dear Maya,
Harap boleh include blog Yati dalam Free Giveaway - May 2011. Details seperti berikut.
Giveaway URL: http://homemakers-puteri.blogspot.com/2011/05/happy-birthday-to-me-and-giveaway.html
Tarikh tutup: 20 Jun 2011
Terima kasih, Maya! :)

diyadeary said...

Dear Kak Maya,

Harap akak bole listingkan giveaway saya ni...

I'm hosting the BIG giveaway...

Due date: 30th June 2011 11.59pm (GMT+8)

terima kasih..

juzbetty said...

hi, can i join in? I'm hosting my 1st ever giveaway. Pls visit me:


due: 25th June 2011

Thanks for all your support.

Unknown said...

Bea pun ada buat GA

url : http://craftbybea.blogspot.com/2011/06/cbb-2nd-giveaway.html

Lynn Nasir said...


contest sy bermula June hingga Julai. takpe ke sy komen kat sini? thanks!


a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

Salam ,

I have finally have a second over due GA !


closing date : 10th July 2011

SomethingSweet : DR said...

SomethingSweet is giving a Blog Candy.

Click here to participate

Valid until 31st July 2011

Joanna said...

Hi , we are giving giveaway key chain
Url: http://jcvk-inspireclay.blogspot.com
giveaway end on 31 july 2011

nivnivhandmade said...

Hi Zura, Maya :-)

nivniv is having a giveaway till end of this month, 31st July 2011. URL: http://nivnivhandmade.blogspot.com/2011/07/nivniv-will-be-one-and-giveaway.html


Unknown said...

Salam Zura and Maya,

Naisya ada Give Away Contest untuk semua from 19 Sept - 9 October 2011. URL: http://floracintacraft.blogspot.com/2011/09/give-away-contest.html

Dream.dezigner said...

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Elidh McPherson said...

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Ben Dunn said...

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Unknown said...




lia said...

salam zura,
My Craft Garden ada menganjurkan 1st Giveaway sempena our 4th wedding anniversary...jom ramai2 meriahkan giveaway ni!


Sehingga 17 Disember 2011

Little Attic Art said...

Hi Maya, saya ada buat 1st giveaway.


Deadline : 30th December 2011

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Crochet One Stop Centre (COSC)new year giveaway

GA link:

GA due: 31.01.2012

My Sewing Memory said...

handling free giveaway tote bag class until end of April 2012..class will be held at Seksyen 7 Shah alam. visit www.balqishouse.com.my

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